Bye Bye Messenger, Hello Skype!

Hello once again Ecarib users!! Well I’m not sure if you all have heard but Microsoft has officially announced that come March 15 all Windows Live users will be switched to Skype. Perhaps the software giant’s $8.5 billion acquisition of Microsoft was what prompted this huge change. According to Microsoft, “until March 15, Messenger will Read more about Bye Bye Messenger, Hello Skype![…]

How to Effectively Use QR Codes for Your Small Business

Happy New Year Ecarib users!! Our first blog for the New Year looks at something called “Quick Response Codes” or  more popularly known as QR codes. You have probably seen these funny looking squares or blocks on billboards, posters, signs and in stores. But what are they and how can they benefit your small business? Read more about How to Effectively Use QR Codes for Your Small Business[…]