Don’t Ignore Tablet Users!!

Hello once again Ecarib users!! It’s been a while since our last blog post and I was racking my brain on what to write, when I came across some very interesting statistics. There are approximately 56 million tablet users in the United States alone ( which is currently just under a quarter of American all internet users which is about 239 million (!

Tablet sales have also skyrocketed in the Caribbean with everyone from adults to toddlers having access to either  an iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tablet. So what does this mean for your small business or company? First of all, tablet users transcend the gender barrier with slightly more women than men using them. Also the age demographics are very interesting because the average age of tablet users are between 25-44 years with an average income of over $75,000 per annum. This demographic is highly valuable because these users have the largest disposable income and this could translate into business for several retailers.

The way in which people use tablets can also be beneficial to businesses. Many individuals use their tablets for recreational purposes such as before they go to bed, in waiting rooms or simply just during their down time. So being able to attract these persons at this point in time and capitalize on consumers using their tablets to shop online would be beneficial for companies and small businesses. But how do we attract these tablet users?

How to attract Tablet Users

Well first of all, you must make sure that your website is tablet friendly. This means that it is important that your web site can display correctly and attractively the devices.  The constant zooming and resizing would frustrate consumers and drive them away from the site. An investment into creating a mobile version of the site would be the preferred choice, however an alternative can be that during the initial web design one can make sure that the current site is legible on a smaller display and CSS options can be adapted to ensure that the web site functions properly on a variety of tablet sizes and shapes.

Publish and App

Another option to  attract tablet users would be to publish an “App”. Not just an “App” that simply displays your webpage but a user-friendly App that adds value to your service. An App that offers an incentive or that describes your products and services can draw consumers to your website.

So I hope that today’s blogs was useful and would encourage  small businesses and companies to think about how to attract  these highly-connected, high-income consumers, and no longer ignore tablet users.

Until Next Time Ecarib Users!!!