Top Social Trends for 2013

Hello once again Ecarib users!! Today’s blog will focus on an interesting article I read about the Top Social Trends for 2013. As we move into the New Year, businesses are thinking of innovative ways to boost their sales and also attract new customers. In 2012 we continued to see the domination of Facebook, the evolution of the mobile social web and the continued popularity of smart phones and how they have changed every facet of our lives.

According to a very interesting and informative article written by blogger extraordinaire and consultant Jeff Bullas there are 6 social trends that we should all pay attention to in 2013. He does make mention of  the usual suspects like Facebook and Twitter, but he also gives greater insight into how some of these social trends can actual benefit businesses. I have tailored these trends slightly and bring to you the following:

Social Trend #1: Social Content is very important

According to  Bullas, social content is fundamentally important when it comes to social media marketing. Put in a simpler way, content is basically your web presence. So the content a business places on their social media sites needs to be attractive enough to draw customers.  Remember content is what gets you noticed on the internet and what gets people interested in your business!

Social Trend #2: Twitter-mania

Aside from the popularity of Facebook, Twitter has also become another huge player in the social media game. What started as a youth following has also captured the interest of several big companies. It is now possible to follow your favourite brands or companies on Twitter but it also allows consumers to be heard and be a part of the conversation. According to Bullas, “You cannot ignore Twitter anymore in 2013”.

Social Trend #3: Facebook, facebook, facebook!!

Facebook continues to be King when it comes to social media. However,  businesses in 2013 will need to go beyond simply get “likes” on their facebook page. With mobile advertising becoming more prevalent businesses will need to be smarter in growing their fans and finding innovative ways to translate facebook “likes” into actual dollars.

Social Trend #4: Pay attention to the Visual

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that is so true when it comes to social media. Pinterest may be new to some of us but to others it has taken the social media world by storm. According to Jeff Bullas, “Pinterest in some cases surpasses Facebook as a social media platform that creates real revenue and hard cash”. So it is very important that before you create your website pay attention to the visual content and images that you plan use.

Social Trend #5: Mobile Media

With the influence of smart phones and tablets it is important that businesses consider creating a website that is also accessible with this type of technology. Everyone now owns a tablets or smart phone, so being able to viewed by smart phones and tablets also opens up your business  to greater visibility.

So there you have it Ecarib users the Social Trends of 2013 to look out for. To read more of  this very interesting and stimulating article visit:

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